Our Team

We're a young team driven by building innovative solutions.


Bryl Lim

Chief Executive Officer

Leading the team at PocketDevs, Bryl is driven in developing digital solutions to help businesses and organizations elevate their online presence and scale their operations. He has also built a community of thousands of developers and shares his passion for programming and emerging technologies.

Eric Jeremie Rotaquio

Chief Operating Officer

Eric makes it his goal to establish lasting and impactful relationships between PocketDevs and our clients and partners. He oversees the team's activities, daily operations, and campaigns to help businesses grow and achieve their goals through our services and digital solutions.


Justin Manigo

Chief Technology Officer

A highly-skilled developer, Justin is all about learning and improving his skill sets. He sets the technical direction, defines the technology stack, and drives the day-to-day development process. He's naturally curious and explores new languages, frameworks, and techniques in his spare time.


Karen Ramos


Karen is our reliable accounting officer who handles and manages our financial activities, budgets, and ensures our compliance with accounting and legal requirements.


Grizelle Mance

Graphic Designer

A highly-skilled creative, businesses have found Grizelle's skills to be none like the other. Her art style is always up to the latest trends which makes her graphic design skills more effective.


Ethan Lyle Uy


Ethan is highly creative, versatile, and works really fast when it comes to his own craft. He has a knack for photography, videography, gaming, and fashion. A good artist, and a better multitasker.


Shaina Reyes

Marketing Associate

Responsible, brave and genuine, Shaina likes exploring new activities to gain experience and learn something new everyday.


Red Aliño

Mobile App Developer

Red is always prepared to assist and deliver assignments on time and of the best quality. His forte is in creating great visual designs.


Michael Cabusas

Mobile App Developer

Reliable and dedicated, Michael knows when and how to get the task done while keeping the atmosphere light.


Tristan Catane

Web Developer

Tristan is passionate about learning new web technologies and applying them to current projects.


Xyber Pastoril

Web Developer

Xyber is a young but talented developer who loves to solve complex problems.


Zinia Trinidad

Associate Developer

Well-organized. Contstantly take notes and utilize a variety of tools to keep on track with deadlines. Constantly interested in learning new things.


Tristan Harvey Bombase

Associate Developer

Adaptable and resourceful. When he is dealing with a new web technology, Tristan is always able to learn it immediately.


John Edmerson Pizarra

Associate Developer

Optimistic and a very social person. He is always eager to learn and explore new things.


Patrick Velasco

Associate Developer

Fond of creating and trying new things. Highly inquisitive about technology. Enthusiastic, adventurous, and loves to project positive vibes.


Grow with us.