We love bringing your ideas, to life.

During the height of the global pandemic, our team was driven by a common goal: to provide affordable and high-quality software solutions to small businesses. As the situation evolved, our team expanded and grew, becoming a dependable digital partner for numerous local and international MSMEs (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises) as well as startups.

We take pride in being a youthful and dynamic team, fueled by our passion for developing innovative solutions. Our mission is to offer impactful and transformative solutions that propel businesses forward, while simultaneously enhancing the lives of people through meaningful innovation. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we strive to empower businesses and individuals alike, leveraging the potential of technology to drive growth and foster positive change.

Bryl Lim

Founder and Tech Lead

Our small journey so far

We still have a long way to go but we're proud of how our team is growing and the progress that we've made.

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  1. July 2020

    Starting out

    During the pandemic, three friends formed a team with the goal to help businesses transition digitally.

  2. December 2020

    Setting up operations

    Delivered our first few projects, registered our business and set up our first website.

  3. February 2021

    Growth and expansion

    Grew our team of designers and developers and expanded our services from just websites to mobile and custom software solutions.

  4. August 2022

    Delivering solutions

    Secured and delivered our major client projects and expanded our services and client base overseas.

  5. January 2023 - Present


    Received awards and deployed over 100 solutions and became the digital partner of several startups and MSMEs.

  6. We're currently here!

Our team of designers and developers

Together, our team brings a perfect blend of creativity, technical prowess, and project management expertise. We collaborate closely to turn visions into reality, delivering tailor-made digital solutions that exceed client expectations.

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Our tech stack that gets the job done

We've got the tech stack to get things done right. Our team has handpicked a range of awesome technologies and tools that make our projects a breeze. We've got the coding powerhouses like PHP and JavaScript, along with cool frameworks like Laravel and React that help us build amazing stuff. With top-notch databases, cloud infrastructure, and DevOps know-how, we're armed to tackle any challenge that comes our way. When you choose us, you can relax knowing that we've got the tech expertise to deliver.


Robust full-stack applications


Beautiful and dynamic apps


Cross-platform development


Reliable and scalable databases


Fast and flexible integrations


Full E-Commerce experience

150+ Projects we deployed

Awards and recognitions

We deliver quality projects for our clients and received awards for the work we do.

Not sure where to start?

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